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Home Space Tip – Organize to maximize

Posted by admin on October 3, 2016
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Condo Unit Organization Tips to Maximize Space

1. Think Tall: When choosing any kind of shelf, purchase something that will reach the ceiling. More shelves means more storage space, and the elimination of that cramped feeling.



2. Raise your Bed:  Buy a bed lift to raise it just enough to make use of that under-bed space. You can store bins underneath or you can also buy bins that are constructed specifically to fit underneath beds.


3. Add Shelves: Don’t limit your options to traditional bookshelves. You can add shelving above the toilet to create space in your bathroom, or in your closet to maximize organization. Instead of having a headboard, install a shelving unit so you can remove your nightstand and create more space.


4. Strategic Furniture: You can purchase furniture that will create the illusion of more space (think glass tables and couches with small legs). You can also position your furniture to create mini-rooms within your apartment to organize the flow of your space.


5. Multifunctional: When you live in a small home, sometimes it is impossible to give every activity a room of its own. Everything in your apartment should have multiple functions. Instead of having a couch, buy a daybed. A clever coffee table not only has a great hidden compartment to store remotes and magazines, but it also turns into a dinner table for two

6.  Rollaway Surfaces:  Rollaway surfaces are very useful when you’re organizing small spaces. A wheeled kitchen cart can give you workspace in the living room and extra counter space in the kitchen when you need it.

7. Hang your TV: For more space to showcase your organizational prowess, you can hang your TV, but keep the table underneath to store your movies and books. It will maximize space and functionality.



8. Hidden Storage: Every small-space dweller knows that hidden storage make coping with space limitations just a bit easier. Utilize as many hidden storage spaces as possible. Aside from raising your bed, you can also hang a skirt around your coffee table and store items underneath.

9. Angled Furniture: Angle furniture, such as chairs, in the corner of the room and use the space behind it to store baskets of things you can’t find space for.

10. Bunk Beds: The ultimate space-saving piece of furniture is the classic bunk bed. But these days, the standard bunk bed has gotten a pretty great makeover. Multiple staggered beds allow three and even four children to share the same room — it’s even kind of fun! Plus, all the beds fit into one corner of the room, leaving plenty of space to play.


11. Open Shelving: If your kitchen is short on cupboards or if you just want to make it seem more spacious, opt for open shelving. You can show off your favorite dishes while keeping your kitchen feeling open, airy and a little less small.


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