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How to earn trust and customer loyalty

Posted by Mac7 on October 7, 2016
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Real estate agents need to show their worth and build long-lasting customer relationships. Offering exceptional customer service is a great way for real estate agents to earn trust and customer loyalty.


The Sales Call


Here are a few guides to making the perfect call all the time.


• Study your clients to know if they are most likely to converse on the phone. This will yield more productive conversation.


• Let your client know the reason for the call first. If you are calling to schedule an appointment, let the client be aware of this.


• Push the lines by making statements like, “I believe that you are interested in making improvements in areas like…” This would set the tone for further discussions.


• In choosing a time for the appointment, be specific, avoid vague and generic conclusions as they might lead to confusion.


• When conversing with prospects, greet them by their name and tell them your name, company name and job title. Be friendly but make it as concise as possible.


• Make sure all contact details are as correct. Double check email addresses and mobile numbers to make sure you do not lose leads.


• Follow up your clients with a reminder. A short and personalized reminder will do the job. A result oriented customer service is also ideal.


• Make notes with respect to the analytics and find out how many calls it takes to get the job done, how many meetings and conversations it takes to convert a lead.


The Appointment


Let us take a look at the common characteristics of an appointment.


Do Your Homework


Run a good background check on leads, reviewing all tracking data related to them. Check out the company website and if they have any social media presence.


Make Their Needs Your Focus


Make their needs your priority, letting them know that you have their best interest at hand, assisting them in making the best decision.


Get To Know Their Purchasing Ability

As you make them aware of the time frame, do not lose focus of the financial aspect of the deal. They will find a way to pay for it if they truly need it.


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