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Room Hacks for a Condo. living

Posted by Mac7 on August 24, 2016
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Let’s face it. We all want to have a spacious looking room despite the reality of only having a quaint space for living. Even if we probably spend more time outdoors, it’s not bad to go home and be greeted with a little more room space. However, more space probably means more money to spend. Since not all of us have the luxury of spending for an extra couple of square meters, here are ten hacks to make your room look bigger.


 1.     Mirror, mirror on the wall – The classic hack and probably one of the oldest tricks in the book is to use big mirrors. Long and thin mirrors immediately makes any wall appear to be longer which then give the appearance of having a big room. For more depth in a room, it’s a great idea to align small mirrors longitudinally. Feel free to combine mismatched mirrors for a more artistic vibe. wall-201924_1920


2.       Furniture up high – More floor space can be achieved by keeping furniture pieces off the ground. Bookshelves and cabinets are essential. Picking tables and chairs with long legs over their low counterparts. One may opt out in buying sofa with floor-length materials or beds with floor-skimming bedskirts.



3.       Limit the accent pieces – Having a limited space entails for limited area to place accents. Avoid placing small pieces together and clustering multiple of these in an area. Instead, opt to hang a large, possibly colorful, bold piece for a greater impact.



4.       Fold them up! – Investing in foldable furniture is a go to idea when dealing with small spaces. Stow-away pieces are nifty whenever guests are scarce. From tables to dining chairs to even beds, there are numerous innovations that are not only space-efficient but also contain artistic license.



5.       Cut the clutter! – This might be the cheapest way to achieve an illusion of bigger room space. The more things you let go, the more space for you. But for those cute miniature pieces you just don’t have the heart to throw out, lightweight craft boxes may be used for storage.

6.       Know your colors – Pastel colors and light neutrals will bounce light around the room and make it clear and airy. If you happen to have dark furniture, make sure your walls are light-toned to open up your room.



7.       Control the contrast – It might be best for a small room to have colors that are of the same family. Despite the popularity of accent walls, these may not be suitable for small areas so instead, have a daring piece of art place on your wall. If you want escape boring shades, you may choose to have one statement piece in the room, preferably that of a bolder color.


8.       Consistent coloring – Take advantage of visible adjoining rooms and make your space look bigger by having consistent colors and contrast. This way an illusion of a large, airy space may be easily achieved.


9.       Light it up! – Multiple soft light lamps may be utilized to attain a brighter and more airy ambiance in a room. Manipulating various kinds and areas of lamps can be used to illuminate a certain part of the room. However, focusing on one area with harsh lighting, creating a spotlight, may not be beneficial to a small room. It might be a better idea to lighten up many places with soft lamps for a brighter glow that is easy on the eyes.


10.    Utilize the sunshine – Another cheap way to immediately lighten up the room is to let as much as natural sunshine in. Keep the windows open and draw the curtains apart for the sunshine to reflect throughout the room.



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